Antonia Papadatos is a USC alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and attended Whittier Law School.  Not only is she one of the most dynamic real estate and mortgage experts, but she has also been the Broker, Co-Founder & CEO of our 5 star real estate and Mortgage Brokerage, Alwayzz Inc for over 12 years.  She prides herself on education and having more knowledge than most in real estate and mortgage.  At Alwayzz Inc, we all pride ourselves in striving for the first place and will never settle so we are Alwayzz second to none.

Jay Darden is Co-Founder & CEO of Alwayzz Inc.  He is one of the most tenacious real estate experts in the business with over 20 years of real estate and lending experience.  He craves and aggressively pursues all real estate knowledge in order to proficiently stay on top of all new laws and fundamentals of real estate and mortgage lending.  He prides himself as well on Alwayzz staying on top of all real estate trends, mortgage products, and niche programs in order to taylor-fit every buyer and homeowner with the right product in order to flawlessly and seamlessly meet each and every individual’s wants and needs.   Therefore he definitely lives by his mantra, “If you have a heartbeat, you Alwayzz have a loan with Alwayzz Inc.”

Francis Nunez studied in Business Administration as well as business marketing at Cal State University, Los Angeles.  Alwayzz Inc considers him one of our most informed and top listing experts.  He frequently attends real estate courses in order to stay current with the market.  If Francis lists it, he will Alwayzz sell it.  He is a goal-oriented agent whose dedication to providing quality and professional service sets him apart from all others.  He has a client-friendly eloquence about him that is bound to leave a lasting impression.  His focus on meeting all clients’ interests and needs are beyond impeccable.  Any questions you may have about buying or selling your home, he is the agent for you.  He prides himself on Alwayzz going the extra mile to gather the most accurate information in order to never mislead, but to only educate his buyers.  As you do know, knowledge is key, so his real question to you is, when do you want to embark on your flawless listing or your effortless search and journey to your new dream home.